140730 Tao Instagram Update (with Luhan): LH - TAO

This picture is from their remake filming of TVXQ’s Triangle MV in EXO’s new variety show!
cr: 百度King榜

140730 Tao Instagram Update (with Luhan): LH - TAO

This picture is from their remake filming of TVXQ’s Triangle MV in EXO’s new variety show!

cr: 百度King榜

140617 Tao Weibo Update

"Your first work, your first experience, you‘re representing us EXO. Work hard Lu zi, you’re great~ Hurry and finish filming and come back quickly!"


taohan’s own (adorable) choreo for 365

"I’m just behind you and together we go, so there’s no reason to lower your head.”

Important Things to Note

1) Many Chinese EXO member fansites have lost access to their administrative Baidu accounts and Weibo accounts. Please do not RT anything suspicious posted by their accounts.

2) People are actively trying to ruin relationships between fans of the 11 members. Please do not fight amongst yourselves no matter what you see.

3) There are horrible search results for 11 members that are being spammed to the top by paid sock accounts. Please do your part in getting rid of them by searching positive things. Links below.



Thank you!

[KANKAN] EXO-M Response to Kris going solo

Tencent contacted SM and EXO-M, who said that none of the members knew beforehand. that Kris was going to terminate his contract.

Chen: (disappointed) the concert we dreamed of for a long time is about to start but something like this had to happen, everyone is very sad.

Lay: We EXO members have no problems with our company, we are continuing to work. 

Tao: To actually do something like this without discussing it with anyone right before a concert that is so important to all of us, it’s really a horrible act that makes people lose faith.

Xiumin: To keep the promise with the fans, the 11 members will continue to prepare for the concert with all we’ve got.

Luhan: Us 11 are all thinking the same thing. We will work our hardest to prepare for the concert, and we hope to not receive any more hurtful comments and attack.


*Note*: Only translated the quotes and important information. The background information about Kris filing the lawsuit and such I think everyone already knows. Again I’m just translating so please direct your comments elsewhere~

140516 Tao’s Newest Weibo Update

What many people are seeing isn’t the truth. Many people like to stand on the side of the minority group. Many people don’t want to believe the truth. Many people wish that a certain person can walk with us until the end, while looking at our silver ocean. But that person already left us. Hope everything is good with you. EXO fighting~ I love you guys. Nothing in this world is impossible to me. No matter what happens, we’ll be together.

140515 Tao Weibo Update

(Reposted everything that is said here)

I am EXO member TAO, Huang Zitao. Everything I said on Instagram and Weibo is me. There’s no need to hide anything.

Paper can’t contain fire. What is right will always be right, and what is wrong will always be wrong. Some people like twisting the truth, and some people choose to believe the twisted truth. Smart people won’t twist or believe the twisted truth.

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140515 Tao’s Instagram Post

The road is long, you can go anywhere you want, and no one can make the decision for others. The truth is, the public is always kept in the dark. Maybe the public will feel for the minority party, but that’s not the truth. Only we, the people going through all this, know the truth. Like us 11 members, our SM company and staff. But outside of that, people are turning good and bad upside down. You guys won’t know the feeling of being betrayed by someone, the feeling of everyone then siding with the person who betrayed you. You can have your own opinions and perspectives, but I want to say this - the truth about right and wrong is clear. Our conscience ais clear. We can’t stop someone who wants to leave, someone who is doing everything to get away, so he succeeded. When we didn’t know anything, he kept it from us and the company and didn’t come back. Many people have ambition, but I hope everyone will know to use it in a good way. We’re sweating hard after practice, only to suddenly find out that someone won’t be coming back. We will have to prepare for the concert all over again as 11, so tired. EXO, saranghaja.


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