Important Things to Note

1) Many Chinese EXO member fansites have lost access to their administrative Baidu accounts and Weibo accounts. Please do not RT anything suspicious posted by their accounts.

2) People are actively trying to ruin relationships between fans of the 11 members. Please do not fight amongst yourselves no matter what you see.

3) There are horrible search results for 11 members that are being spammed to the top by paid sock accounts. Please do your part in getting rid of them by searching positive things. Links below.



Thank you!

luhan just can’t

when luhan and kai laugh ♥



Miracles in December (Chinese Ver.) →

Miracles in December (Chinese Ver.) - full album hq download

SONG: UnknownMiracles in December
ALBUM: UnknownMiracles in December (Chinese ver.)
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exo - miracles in december (classic orchestra ver.)