Luhan’s Performance at the Asian Dream Cup

Official Commentary

-“The one who just came on for team China, Luhan, in the #29 jersey, is a Chinese member of Korean entertainment company SM’s new boy group. Born in Beijing, 90-liner. April 20th.”

-“Luhan should join the Chinese soccer team.”

-“Star Team China’s two most dangerous attacks today both came from Luhan.”

-“That was a great pass from Luhan, he passed it behind the opposing player.”

-(When Luhan was going for the goal) “He can’t score this one, he can’t! If he does next season he’ll be recruited to the Shanghai Shenhua FC!”

Miscellaneous Comments

-“My dad’s been a soccer fan for 17 years, and just now he said one thing to me, “tell the orange-head to join the Chinese national soccer team, they would be so much better off if they had him.” [sunny苏-]

- (Two male soccer fans at the venue) “Who’s the dude with the orange hair? He’s pretty good!” [YUKIIIIIXIN]

-“This guy was a cool player. The back-pass in the second half was nice.” [转角遇甜瓜]

-“Luhan’s performance earned a lot of praise from the commentators. If he wasn’t a celebrity, he would be a great xiao lu#” [PPTV SPORTS]

-“The only thing I got from this match was that I came to know a Chinese boy named Luhan. Haha, his thighs are pretty nice.” [奚鸣元 (PPTV Sports Director)]

-“Luhan was really cool, he did everything he could on the field. He kept bowing to the sunbaes and his teammates, high-fived them and encouraged them. [鹿寳児-Smybaby]

-“Luhan always had his eye on the ball, and he did what he loves most with a serious attitude. His teammates helped him warm up, shook his hand, pointed out his banners for him, huddled around him, and rubbed his neck happily.” [南舜君]

-“A Star China Team member pointed out some Luhan banners to him, then pinched his arm and said “not bad! they’re all here for you!” Luhan smiled shyly and quickly waved his hand and said “no, no.”” [吴世勋快来和鹿晗滚床单]

-“Luhan accidentally kicked a ball near the audience section, and he ran to get it immediately and bowed many times in apology.”

-“Today I learned about some big star named Luhan. Shanghai Shenhua FC should sign him. Handsome and runs fast, serious eager and popular.” [Hello大群]

In last year’s CECI Interview, Luhan said, “my dream was to become a soccer player.” At that time fans joked that he was young and naive. But today, even though he’s here as an idol, he’s standing on this green field, the same boy with the same dream, to play his heart out against the professional players he admired so much. Fate can be interesting like this, and no matter which direction people end up going in, those with dreams are amazing. Once again, Luhan taught me this. Thank you. [青豚的鹿Honey]


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