A Letter From Heaven

A Luhan fan passed away recently from leukemia, and her last wish was to give this letter to Luhan.

The letter reads: 

"My dearest Luhan, this is the first letter I’m writing to you, and it will also be the last. 

But I hope that you will be able to see this. 

2012.12.31, You came into my world like an angel. From the moment I saw you, I told myself, he’s someone I will definitely protect until the end. 

2012.04.08, Your debut showcase. Lu-ge, did you know? The you who’s standing on stage and smiling at us, you are the most handsome man in the world to us, and also someone we promise to stay with for our whole lives.

2013.04.08, Your first year debut anniversary. We’re very happy, because we were able to spend four seasons with you. At that time I thought, I don’t want to stay with you for just this one year, I want to be there with you on the tenth, the twentieth anniversary. I also want to walk with you until the end, and continue to love you no matter what I may encounter in the future. 

Lu-ge, I still remember what you said to Sehun, “if you have a problem let hyung know, hyung will solve it for you.” This showed me the kind you, the you who will sincerely care for and protect those around you. 

But what I want to say is, Lu-ge, if you have a problem let us know, us Luhan fans will always be here, even if the sky falls down we’ll hold it up for you; we’ll protect your dream until the end.

Lu-ge, it’s okay if you miss home, all of us Luhan fans are your family. If there’s anything that makes you sad, tell us, we’ll do our best to help you out. So remember, please be happy.

Right now I want to do something for you, but there’s nothing I can do. I want to go to an event and see you perform on stage, to see you with my own eyes, even if it’s just one glimpse, and to support you in the audience. But even such a small thing, I am unable to do. This will probably be the biggest regret of my life. 

Please forgive me for there is nothing I can do, forgive me that in the rest of your journey, I will no longer be able to be one part of your fans and cheer for you. 

Dear Lu-ge, the greatest happiness of my life was meeting you, and the greatest regret was not being able to see you with my own eyes, not being able to tell you, Luhan, jiayou! (fighting!)

If you are well, there will surely be clear skies.”

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