Interesting Facts About Luhan - Part Three

OP was classmates with luhan in junior high and high school.  I left original question in italics for some c: previous parts: one | two

1. Someone asked if Luhan always liked to puff his cheeks, and he did. Whenever he did it I either wanted to slap him or squish him. Especially when he was in junior high and had baby fat, I always pinched his cheeks haha

2. Basically he can’t stop moving, a lot of little expressions and gestures. I’m an indoors person, and Luhan always wanted to drag me out shopping or for sports. He’d say, “you’re a man, what’s the fun in staying cooped up inside all the time?” and I’d reply, “you’re a man and you love shopping this much so who are you to judge me!”

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3. Does Luhan like hugging and touching people he’s close to? Like with good friends, does he like physical contact? Touching chins, hugging, teasing, etc?

- Yeah, everything you said. but he gets teased (t/n: like flirt jokingly) more in return haha

4. This looks a lot like the Luffy doll he has back at home, except his isn’t hugging Chopper. image

5. Does Luhan talk to you about how fans often leave messages for him on Weibo? Does he read them often?

- He’s mentioned it before. Oh yeah, he said that once they went to the States or somewhere to perform, he saw signs with Luhan in Chinese and he was really touched.

6. Did Luhan start learning how to dance back in China or was it only after he became a trainee?

- He used to learn from videos, he always got the beats right on, and we all thought he had a great sense for music.

7. Does Luhan take a lot of selcas?

- A lot, that narcissist haha. But I hate taking selcas with him, it makes my face look big.

8. Before he was pretty good at the maths and sciences, especially math, but once he messed up on a test and got a bad score, then while muttering, “hate this, hate this” he scribbled the word “hate” all over the test paper, like a couple hundred hahahaha.

9. Luhan’s wrinkles (when he laughs)…when did he start getting them?

- I hope you don’t mind if I say this but…even though he knows you guys are just joking, he doesn’t really like it when you guys talk about it (t/n: Chinese fans make fun of luhan’s smile wrinkles A LOT lol).

- It’s not that he (Luhan) can’t take jokes, he’s just self-conscious about that. He’d say he covers it with his fringe, so how come the fans can still get pictures of it?

10. Does Luhan like to eat almond tofu?

- He gets (mild) allergic reactions when he eats too much almond, but when he’s craving for it he doesn’t care.

11. Does Luhan love to watch horror films?

- He likes horror films and detective films.

12. He’s only allergic to alcohol, almonds, and three types of seafood. Not the kind where he’d get a reaction from just touching, just can’t have too much.

13. Have you tried pulling out Luhan’s eyelashes when he’s sleeping?

- Do you think I’d do something that childish….okay fine, I’ve done it, but only because Luhan pulled mine first, I’m just getting revenge.

14. Someone told me Luhan had a nickname ‘social butterfly’ Lu? He’s social?? Usually when he meets a stranger the other person is the one who initiates the conversation with him (like I did), so are you sure it’s not other people hitting on him? But it’s true that if they come to talk to him, he’ll gladly pick up the conversation.

15. When you guys were students, how much did Luhan weigh?

- Back then around 120 (t/n: ~60kg/130lb). But he’s gotten a lot thinner now (how could he, while I’m just getting fatter!)

16. Luhan was never a trainee at any other company. He went straight for SM, and if there wasn’t an opportunity he’d rather wait. A nice way to put it is ’determined‘, but if you put it another way it’s ‘too stubborn’.

17. Does Luhan like raising his hand to answer questions in class? 

- He never needs to raise his hand. Maybe because his name is too special or the teacher thinks it sounds nice, but regardless they call on him a lot. When he’s in class he always sits with perfect posture, alert of surroundings, and if his mind wanders he’ll jump in shock at everything.

18. Did the teachers at school like Luhan? What happens if he can’t answer the question?

- I said before, but he’s really polite to the teachers. And the tasks in class that no one wants to do, such as wiping the blackboard, mopping the floors, getting the water buckets, Luhan would do them all. The teachers liked him a lot, and many of them called him Lu Lu.

19. My colleague dragged me to watch a few videos of Luhan just now. Even though he’s very handsome and cute there, I still think he looks better in private, he looks really good.

20. Have any guys ever liked and gone after Luhan?

- No one’s gone after him, but there was this one buff, manly guy friend of ours… Once we played Truth or Dare and he had to pick someone to confess to, he picked Luhan, and the things he said back then…it didn’t feel like he was just joking around.

21. Does Luhan have leg hair? I don’t think anyone’s taken pictures of it…does he not have them or does he shave?

- He doesn’t need to, because there isn’t much in the first place. I’ve even made fun of him for that.

22. Are there any brands that Luhan likes? Clothes, accessories, shoes? 

- I didn’t notice him liking any particular brand, but before he really liked hip hop, and occasionally rap, so you can try getting that type of clothing or accessories for him. Even if there might not be an appropriate occasion for him to wear it, he’ll definitely like it.

23. Some EXO members have started using colored/circle lenses. I wonder if Luhan will wear them…Is he near-sighted?

- I don’t think he will, he tried them out before but it hurt a lot for him. His eyes are sensitive to too much light and will get watery. He’s done vision corrective surgery before.

24. (About some dumb things Luhan’s done) Stuff like saying he knows where he’s going and leading a group of people into a deadend alley, don’t even get me started. The most stupid thing I remember is once a guy pulled a prank on Luhan, so Luhan put glue in his shampoo and bodywash, and of course got the guy back, but the thing is, the day after Luhan forgot about it completely and used that bottle of shampoo hahaha

25. Was Luhan strong when it came to fighting?

- Fighting…you gotta ask him if he would do that to his face. The only time was someone hitting him (t/n: see part two), and he’s probably traumatized because of the scar on his lip. It’s not about whether he’s manly or not, because it’s not that he can’t fight - it’s that he doesn’t want to. So whether he’s strong or not I don’t know.

26. I want to hear about Luhan and his female friends. I remember someone saying they ate pizza together in the washroom?

- Are you serious? Eating pizza with female friends in the washroom? Would that be men’s or women’s washroom….

- But really, we did hang out in the washroom quite a bit, we ate and read, and Luhan’s watched TVXQ videos there too. About who he likes the most, he mentioned Yunho and Jaejoong the most. I even got into them for a while because of him.

27. Is Luhan dedicated/loyal when it comes to love? As in he only likes that one person.

- It’s not only love, but also idols, Manchester United, even the clothes he likes he’ll wear for a long time. Didn’t someone ask me before what kind of people he dislikes? Let me add one here: half-hearted, double-minded people, those who quickly grow tired of old things and abandon them for new things.

28. Where did Luhan usually sit in class? By the window or by the podium or at the back? I really want to know~

- Usually in the last two rows.

29. Did Luhan like drinking milk tea before! 

- Yeah, coke, milk tea, juice, he liked all of that. He didn’t really drink much water. He only started drinking coffee after going to Korea.

30. Has Luhan ever done anything that really moved you?

- The thing about being virgins with me was already pretty touching haha (t/n: see part one). The thing is, with him you can see what a nice guy he is from even the smallest things. It doesn’t have to be anything big or earth-shattering. Back then, in our group of friends, Luhan was the youngest, and looked young too, so we all treated him as the little brother (t/n: like maknae). But he always took care of others more than he did for himself, and he was more considerate than any of us. Sometimes, looking at how he’s always pushing himself and trying to be strong, I want to punch him.

31. Sorry, I probably won’t be coming back. My friend (Luhan) is really a very nice guy, and deserves the love you’re giving him.

And finally, I hope you’ll remember the things I’ve told you, believe in Luhan, and don’t listen to slander and false rumors that try to hurt my friend. Use your heart to look at people. He’s really very grateful to all of you. Goodbye.

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