Interesting Facts About Luhan - Part Two

OP was classmates with luhan in junior high and high school.  I left original question in italics for some c: other parts: one | three

1. Does Luhan dislike it when people call him Lu Lu? And what would he do if a friend likes another team and Manchester United lost to them?

- He doesn’t dislike it, some friends call him that. Zhu (t/n: a friend) even calls him Lu baobei (baby). He gets shy easily, and when he’s shy he’d scratch his head. And if they lose, they lose. Wins and losses are normal.

2. Does Luhan look more like his mom or his dad?

- Bit of both, but more like his mom. His mom is really beautiful. *_*

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3. Was Luhan bad with words even before? 

- It depends. When he’s chatting, he’ll talk nonstop, but if you want him to say sweet or sappy things he’ll have nothing. Oh yeah, he said when he was a trainee he had to practice something involving talking/public speaking and there was an evaluation and everything, he’s often last for that.

4. Is Luhan patriotic? 

- Who do you think us Beijing people are! Like back during the time of the Sichuan earthquake, he called me from Korea and told me to help him donate 1000 dollars, and said that he’ll pay me back when we meet up next time. I jokingly told him ‘how many free meals have you gotten from me before!’ and in the end he transferred the money to me, because he said this is the only way he can do his part to help.

5. Yesterday a girl said that Luhan was recognized as the most popular guy at school and even had a fanclub (x)…what did the fanclub do? Are there ones who confessed to him? And I heard there were 3 popular guys, were the other two handsome too?

- Did she come to talk about it too? The fanclub was more like a bodyguard group actually, if someone wanted to confess to him directly they wouldn’t let her come close, why do you think I’m always  passing love letters? The other two? Why do I remember there being four in total? They were handsome too, but of course he (Luhan) is the best haha.

6. OP, is Luhan quite manly usually? Any examples? They say Beijing guys are manly, are you guys all like that too?

- He’s manly if the situation calls for it, but normally he’s really cute and pretty childish (t/n: a bit like aegyo but not the bbuing bbuing kind). But that’s only with people he’s really close to, like after we play soccer he’d grab someone’s arm, swing it back and forth and say “gege give me a bottle of water, give me give me give me” I know you guys can’t even imagine it.

7. Can you tell us about Luhan’s real ideal type? The official is quiet and refined, but I don’t think that’s possible…

-Whatever he said, just believe it. I’ve never seen that guy lie.

8. I’ve heard before that one song Luhan always sings at karaoke is 青藏高原 (Tibetan Plateau), is that true?


9. Does Luhan follow OP on Weibo?

- I don’t use weibo, I’m a douban/tianya person.

10. I didn’t want to talk about his lip scar, but you guys are too persistent. I won’t go into the details, but basically he helped someone out and instead got the blame thrown at him. Got hit for someone else. Luhan’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t think enough and trusts people too easily. He always thinks that if he treats other people well and wholeheartedly, they’ll do the same. But of course I do!! I‘ll swear on the duck I love to eat so much.

11. Did Luhan swear a lot? I think it’d be hot.

- Then you can only imagine it. He doesn’t swear (as in, he doesn’t swear AT people, but the normal words everyone uses he did too). When it comes to treating others, he has his own philosophy that he sticks to. Once when our teacher pissed me off and I yelled and swore at her, he told me off.

12. The feeling I get from Luhan is similar to how OP described him, good-natured and easygoing. He feels like a normal guy at school, someone who doesn’t know how to flatter others with sweet words, who doesn’t pretend to be someone they’re not, who does more than they talk. A lot of fans often complain about how he keeps saying “to show you guys even better performances” but he’s really done that. With each performance, he gets better and better, always surprising people. All this came from his hard work, and this is the most genuine and valuable, not something a few sweet words can do. He says he won’t ever forget how he started out, and isn’t that his daily morning to night practice as a trainee, in order to achieve his dream? He’s my role model, so (Luhan), do your best.

- When I get the chance, I’ll definitely tell him what you said. Speaking of trainee, I remember a video chat between us back then, (I don’t remember clearly but basically):

Me: You don’t look so good, is dance practice really tiring?

Him (Luhan): It’s good, it’s nothing. I can handle it haha

Me: Tell me what you do everyday? I wanna know details ha

Him: /starts from morning/ blablabla

Me: Holy fuck man just come back, you’ll disappear before you even debut

Him: Telling me to give up halfway, you’re a horrible influence BYE

13: I remembered something, back when we were in junior high, he was REALLY good at skipping rope (t/n: the kind with two people at the ends and people jumping in the middle), but he was too embarrassed to play with the girls, so he’d get chairs instead, and once I went to his place and I saw him. He put me in a headlock and told me not to tell, but I’m telling now because he can’t touch me anyway hahahaha

14. Did Luhan like to play games? Is he like the king of games? The kind that always wins others? Also I remember reading that he’s good at billiards, is that true?

- He likes MMORPGs, he’s the kind who can quickly get the hang of a game after playing it. He’s pretty good at soccer basketball and ping pong, but I’ve never seen him play billiards.

15. Is there anything Luhan likes A LOT? Aside from soccer and Manchester United. Like, stuffed toys, cartoon characters, food?

- I already said some things he liked earlier, games, snacks, also someone asked if he likes dogs, and he does, but he didn’t have one. As for stuffed toys, he has a Luffy plushie at home that he likes a lot.

16. Did Luhan always use to wear thermal wear/long johns before? (these)

- He didn’t before, but he gets sick easily and now that he’s an idol he can’t get sick so he’s wearing more, probably.

17. What kind of people does Luhan dislike?

- He doesn’t like fake people and people who’re always suspicious of others.

18. Does Luhan really like TVXQ? Just how much?

- He really likes them, they’re one of the reasons he went to Korea. 

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