Interesting Facts About Luhan

OP was classmates with Luhan through junior high and high school. Pretty reliable, but still take with a grain of salt! For some I left the original question in italics because otherwise it might be hard to understand c: other parts: two | three

1. Did Luhan have a girlfriend before? If so, what was she like?

- In the years we were classmates he didn’t, but if WQY liked him back he would have haha (t/n: WQY is a girl he liked for years but didn’t like him back). After he went to Korea he said he didn’t have one, but I wasn’t there with him to see so I can’t say for sure.

2. Does Luhan get along really well with Zhang Yixing?

- I’ve heard him bring that name up a lot, so probably very good haha

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3. Luhan doesn’t get a lot of vacation days or time off. In the years he was a trainee, he only came home once. 

4. Luhan would sent new years messages to his old friends.

5. Does OP know how Luhan feels about being thought of as a little angel by young girls? Also, I feel like he was probably really naughty when he was at school.

- Angel? What do you mean? But it’s true that he’s really very nice to people. Isn’t naughty a word to describe little kids? We should say hyperactive, haha.

6. Did Luhan love Manchester United even back when he was a student? Does he really like playing soccer?

- He always has! We both like it a lot, we’d play whenever we had free time. Once he had a fever and still dragged us to play soccer together.

7. How are Luhan’s grades? Did he start learning Korean in high school? 

- His grades are okay. He was better than me at maths/sciences, and I was better at language, so we helped each other out for our homework. He didn’t learn Korean before he went to Korea, so I told him ‘you’re pretty brave, to go study in Korea without knowing a word of Korean.”

8. Is there any kind of food Luhan likes?

- All kinds of sweets. He also likes spicy food, and I asked him once ‘didn’t you say you needed to protect your throat/voice?’ and he told me ‘spicy food helps clear the throat!’

10. How’s Luhan’s personality? Just say whatever, I just want to know what he’s like from a friend’s point of view. Examples would be great too.

- He’s not calculative at all (t/n: as in very generous too), and although he looks very carefree, whenever a friend has a problem or something on his mind Luhan will always notice, and help if he can. As for an example…when I broke up with my girlfriend in high school, he kept cracking jokes to cheer me up, like once he said, “it’s okay, we can just be virgins together.” I laughed so hard.

11. How did you address Luhan usually?

- Lu Zong (translates to Boss Lu), or just his name (Luhan)

12. It’s true that he’s really shy around people he just met or are not familiar with, but it gets better once he knows them well. 

13. Does Luhan care a lot about appearances?

- Appearances as in for friends or relationships? If it’s friends, he has pretty ones and ugly ones, like I belong to the just barely making it through category myself, as for relationships he’s never actually been in one so I wouldn’t know.

14. Did OP watch Idol Sports? What did you think about Luhan’s hurdles?

- He told me about this, and said he was originally supposed to run then suddenly got switched to hurdles so he was really scared. But he’s always been athletic, so I didn’t worry.

15. Has Luhan gone to karaoke with OP? Does he hog the mic! What singers did he like? 

- Oh definitely, he would sing and dance at the same time. Back then he really liked Wilber Pan and TVXQ, and also sang some English songs.

16. Has Luhan gone under the knife?

- Definitely not, he’s always had pretty features like a girl before, but now probably looks better on TV because of makeup. When he went to Korea, I told him ‘hey don’t learn from those people over there and mess around with your face,” and he said “I’m already satisfied with myself” haha.

17. Even before, Luhan used to laugh all the time. He said before that when the atmosphere is awkward, if there’s laughter everyone will be able to relax. Once during study hall a guy sitting in front farted, Luhan heard and couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. In the end he had to run out of the room, pretending to go to the washroom, and the teacher’s expression turned really dark. I’ll never forget this, I laugh just remembering it.

18. Can Luhan cook? Or is it only instant noodles?

- He definitely can’t cook. But everyone can make instant noodles right?

19. Was Luhan scared of heights before too?

- Yeah he was. When we went to amusement parks he either won’t come or just stay down there and say that someone has to look after our stuff. 

20. Does Luhan mind if fans call him baby and think of him as their own child?

- Probably not, we call him lu baby/kid sometimes too. As for thinking of him as their own child, um….cough

21. In the two years he spent waiting in Korea, did he ever call you guys to complain?

- You mean before he became a trainee? Back then half of us were telling him to wake up from his stardom dream, while the other half of us were encouraging him to keep going. I was part of the former, but thank god he didn’t listen to me or I’d owe you guys a lot! After he became a trainee, he was really under a lot of pressure, having to move up in some kind of groups/classes in a very short amount of time (I don’t understand the details) otherwise he wouldn’t be able to debut. He said that even though he goes everyday to practice, it still feels like it’s not enough. 

22. Luhan doesn’t get angry easily, and never holds grudges; he has a good temper. The only time I remember him ever getting mad was during a school basketball game, some dude on the other team intentionally fouled a friend in our class, and he fell face-down on the floor and didn’t get up for a long time. Luhan and I were so mad back then but the teachers were there so people held us back.

23. Back then, a lot of girls liked to treat him as a little brother, even though they weren’t necessarily older than him, maybe it’s because he looked cute? He usually didn’t hang out with the people who wanted to date him, but if you wanted to be his friend he’d never say no. Like I said before, he definitely gets shy around people he didn’t know well and he can’t refuse people, but after becoming friends he’s a funny guy. 

24. Are there any other things Luhan’s scared of or foods he doesn’t eat?

- Aside from being scared of heights, I can’t think of anything. I never noticed him not eating anything, it’s like he eats everything, and doesn’t get fat. At most his face gets a bit rounder, meanwhile I get a beer belly after Chinese New Years!

25. Does Luhan not cry easily?

- He’s never cried in front of me. When he’s feeling down, he’ll find somewhere to be alone, where no one can find him. That one time we had a farewell dinner before he went to Korea, he really looked like he was going to cry, but he didn’t. 

26. Luhan really liked the C63 AMG Coupe (but didn’t own one). 

27. The thing with him not letting anyone on his bed is probably a habit he developed in Korea. Maybe someone pulled a prank on him? I’m just guessing though. 

 28.  Do you think Luhan’s pretty now?

- Looking at the pictures, he is really pretty hahahahaha

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