EXO Behind the Scenes

Note: Might not be all true, take with a grain of salt and read for fun c:

-Kris likes to sing in the dorm, Luhan laughs at him but Tao thinks it’s good.

-Kai doesn’t like to eat vegetables, unless D.O. makes them.

-Chanyeol can cook ramen, and he once had a competition with Baekhyun. Only Kai voted for Baekhyun (to win).

-Luhan would sometimes show Kai derp pictures of him and imitate the expression. Kai would take pictures of Luhan to people who don’t know him and tell them it’s his older sister.

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-Tao always leans on other people to rest, and Kris has no choice but to let him.

-Luhan and Lay both love Tuzki.

-Luhan and Lay like to bicker a lot, but when Lay tells Luhan “you’re getting prettier and prettier” Luhan would get really embarrassed and not know what to say.

-Sehun said that if he had a little sister, he would want her to marry Luhan.

-Sehun calls Luhan “Lu” in private.

-Sehun bought Luhan a deer keychain and got a matching one for himself, but it fell and got lost in the crowd at the airport.

-At a fansigning a fan asked Sehun if he likes Luhan, and Sehun smiled shyly and ended up signing the wrong page.

-According to fans who wait outside SM building, Luhan is always the first one there.

-When Luhan plays games, Lay is always beside him trying to distract him.

-Lay laughs at Luhan because he only knows how to cook instant noodles and eggs. Luhan laughs at Lay because he’s too dumb to know how to solve a rubiks cube.

-When Lay tries to be funny, Luhan is always the most amused. Sometimes he would laugh until he falls to his knees and his stomach hurts.

-M and K all like to go on the internet in their free time. They know the fandom jokes.

-Luhan likes to sit on Lay’s bed but he won’t let Lay sit on his bed. But Lay always likes to push his limits and ends up getting kicked off a lot.

-Lay’s waist injury is pretty serious (note: I’ve read in other places that it’s not that serious so maybe just a matter of perspective? But it’s on and off a lot) and Luhan has a light injury too so sometimes they would help each other put on medicine/compresses.

-Lay and Luhan wear each others’ socks.

-At first Luhan’s image was supposed to be sexy like Kai’s. But he kind of went a little off course…

-Once Lay was shocked/scared when he saw Kris with his face mask on.

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