Korean Fans’ Fanaccounts (Taoris)

Note: These are comments collected from sasaengs and fans on various Korean fansites about Taoris. Not compiled by me, please see credit below :) As usual, take with a grain of salt.

cr: EXO私生大爆料

-From the time they were trainees, Kris really took care of Tao and Tao relied on him a lot.

-When they stayed in hotels, Kris and Tao shared a room, Chen and Xiumin shared a room (Lay and Luhan shared a room).

-Kris and Tao have many pairs of matching earrings, one has the left and one has the right one.

-It’s rumored that Luhan and Lay are Kristao fans.

-After debut, Kris doesn’t cook that often anymore, but Tao is always the first to get to the food.

-Tao’s mom is also very thankful of Kris, and when they walk together he (she? Not sure if talking about Tao or mom) always walks beside Kris.

-Kris often goes out to eat with Tao, and they also would get bubble tea.

-Kris would help Tao choose clothes and accessories that suit him.

-When Kris falls asleep it’s very hard to wake him up, and unfortunately Tao’s always the one stuck with this difficult task whenever they have an event/recording.

-Tao and Kris like to put their arms around each others’ shoulders.

-Before their debut, Tao and Kris would practice rap together by themselves.

-Tao and Kris often take selcas together; Kris is a very warm person.

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