Korean Fans’ Fanaccounts (Hunhan)

Note: These are comments collected from sasaengs and fans on various Korean fansites about Hunhan. Not compiled by me, please see credit below :) As usual, take with a grain of salt.

cr: EXO私生大爆料

-Sehun can say Luhan’s Chinese name better than he can say his own.

-Before their debut, Luhan and Sehun were often mistaken as real brothers by other trainees.

-The owner of the bubble tea shop that Sehun and Luhan go to said that they come to order bubble tea often and always take the spot at the back of the shop.

-The first time EXO performed as 12, Sehun and Luhan stayed in one hotel room.

-Kai always makes fun of Sehun’s quick reaction whenever he hears fans’ say “Luhan”.

-Sehun and Luhan both like to stay together, and they like to tease each other.

-At the fansignings, whenever fans mentioned Luhan to Sehun, he would have trouble trying to hide how happy he is.

-Sehun doesn’t like that Kai’s “Luhan” doesn’t sound right (not sure about this one).

-Luhan bought one of Sehun’s baseball caps for him in China.

-A sasaeng saw Sehun calling Luhan at the door (either their dorm or SM building).

-Luhan and Sehun like to put their arms around each others’ shoulders.

-Luhan and Sehun don’t really fight, completely opposite of Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

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