EXO-M Behind the Scenes Fanaccount

*Note, the OP’s cousin works at SM Beijing branch AND THIS ISN’T ME*

Of the six of them, Luhan’s the most playful one in real life. After practice or during break he would go around to people in the company saying “Ge-ge” or “Jie-jie”, his voice is really nice and it’s really cute. Lay doesn’t really eat spicy food, but Luhan does. Xiumin and Luhan like to eat ice cream, and Luhan really likes sweet things. One time he requested specially for his manager to buy this animal shaped soft candy. Xiumin is very mature in real life. Lay also jokes around a lot, but he’s more mature than Luhan and likes taking care of people especially Luhan. Once my cousin saw Lay open a can of pop and pass it to Luhan, and only drank it after Luhan was done. The Chinese members don’t call each other ‘ge’, but by their names instead. Kris and Tao call Luhan “Xiao (small/little) Lu”, Lay calls Luhan “Lulu” or “Luhan”. The members all get along very well, and are also respectful of their manager. Kris and Tao get along well, and Luhan isn’t as childish in front of Kris. Chen also likes to makes jokes.

(So. Cute. More. ↓)

Luhan has a brother (ge/hyung), not sure if they’re blood-related. My cousin said he’s pretty good looking, and looks around 24-25. He came over to give something to Luhan, and it looks like he dotes on Luhan a lot. He patted Luhan’s head in front of everyone and hugged him before he left. He told the manager “Thanks for your hard work”. But my cousin says that Lay also calls him ‘ge’, so I don’t know, maybe they’ve met before? Sorry for the lack of Xiumin and Chen, I like China line a lot (especially Lay).

My cousin said they’re pretty rowdy during practice, and outside, she can always hear Korean mixed with Chinese. Lay takes care of people well but is also pretty funny, and often makes the manager and staff laugh. They have a small gym in the company, and staff often see Kris, Tao, and Xiumin working out. The only time she saw Lay and Luhan there was when they were weighing themselves at the door. Her colleagues clearly heard Lay say (to Luhan), “You got lighter again. Weren’t you 59kg last time? How did I become 64kg? I didn’t eat that much…” And Luhan started laughing and Lay got on the scale again. My cousin and her co-workers are all around 30, so they really like EXO-M because they’re very polite and don’t think highly of themselves. They don’t come to the Beijing branch that often, so some stuff my cousin saw with her own eyes while others she learned from chatting with her co-workers. One thing she saw in person and remembered was Lay opening that can of pop for Luhan and saying “Be careful not to cut yourself” while passing it to him.

*Note: This seems reliable, but still if it’s not official, there’s always a little room for doubt :)*

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