140617 Luhan Filming Fanaccount (by staff)

"Luhan ran all the way into the waiting room with his head down, and, smiling shyly, greeted every one of the cast members. He was smiling the entire time. I never paid attention to him before, but seeing him today I realized that he’s like a warm child, skinny, quiet, and doesn’t speak much.

When Luhan was walking over, even in the small corridor he kept smiling and greeting people. The person accompanying him grabbed him and said, “When you say your lines later, talk louder, just now your voice was too quiet.” Luhan bowed his head and said “yes” softly, then continued greeting people as he made his way into the guest room.

At one point you will realize, even if you’re not his fan, he will leave a lasting impression on you. A polite, professional individual will always receive more applause.” 

cr: 李李李倩云

140617 Tao Weibo Update

"Your first work, your first experience, you‘re representing us EXO. Work hard Lu zi, you’re great~ Hurry and finish filming and come back quickly!"



And then Satan said, “Let there be incomplete fanfiction on the internet.”

i can tell you’re looking at me, i know what you see, any closerand you’ll feel the heat

i can tell you’re looking at me, 
i know what you see, any closer
and you’ll feel the heat

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140607 EXO, Ring My Bell - Luhan

"Hello everyone, I’m real man Luhan, Luhan is waiting for you to pick up the phone, hurry and pick up!"

taohan’s own (adorable) choreo for 365

"I’m just behind you and together we go, so there’s no reason to lower your head.”